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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping is an essential part of maintaining your stove and chimney sysytem. Using the latest Power Sweep system we are able to make sure that your chimney is kept in the best condition, keeping your stove running as efficiently and safely as possible.


Most stove manufacturers also require that your chimney is swept annually in order to maintain your warranty on both your flue liner and your stove. In addition some insurance companies will no longer pay out for chimney fire damage unless the flue has been swept and maintained by a chimney sweep who can issue a valid certificate of sweeping.

Generally the process used is extremely tidy, all soot and deposits from the chimney are kept within the chimney opening/stove which can then be hoovered up and removed from the premises.

Chimney blockages are extremely dangerous. Not only can the deposit of soot on the lining of the chimney create a flammable environment which can lead to a chimney fire, eventually the flue can become blocked. This can lead to the products of combustion being unable to escape through the chimney and coming back into the property. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is highly toxic and can lead to death.

All efforts are made to keep the process as clean as possible. Soot is extremely fine which can become airborne, it is a good idea to remove any ornaments/delicate objects from the immediate area, keep doors & windows open and expect there may be a small settlement of dust after a chimney sweep has been carried out.

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